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Welcome to the web home of Woven Pathways, a wellness division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, "Beyond Film & Music."  Woven Pathways provides spiritual-holistic support for life's pilgrim journey. We provide a growing online resource for practitioners of the complementary wellness practice of homeopathy. We wish you blessings in your life walk,  we thank you for visiting our site, and we bid you…

“ One hundred thousand welcomes!”

Professional Magic

Fascinated by the interaction between homeopathy and climate change? So are we! Climate change is a health emergency and we are spreading the word.


Are you interested in having a speaker at your online event? Use our contact page and get in touch. Bring a bit of professional magic to your organization.

Wondering Why Homeopathy Works?

This video explains the idea of resonance, through the metaphor of music.

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