Common Questions

"A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." - Prov 17:22

Common FAQs about Bach Flower:

  • Q: Who dreamed up these Bach Flowers?
    A: Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor in England who had a thriving private practice.

  • Q: How do I pronounce Bach?
    A:In England, most people pronounce Dr. Bach's name like 'hatch' or 'match,' but in the USA many people pronounce the name more like the composer. You won't be considered "wrong" either way, though Dr. Bach pronounced his name the British way, not the German way.

  • Q: I bought a Bach Flower and it smells like nothing... what's up with that?
    A: Bach Flower is not aromatherapy. No smell or taste will be imparted when using the Bach Flowers.

  • Q: Are Bach Flowers (or Bach Flower consultations) considered as medical care in any way?
    A: Absolutely not! Bach Flower essences are not expected to have pharmacological effects, or any drug interactions or side effects.

  • Q: How does emotional wellness help us?
    A: Stress is toxic, and so when we take control of our fears, angers and other unhealthy emotional states, a more healthy emotional life and more balanced and grounded day-to-day experience will be beneficial for your overall well-being. So, the Bach Flowers are meant to as a self-help tool, focused on particular characteristics or emotional states.

  • Q: Where can I find more information to prepare for a Bach Flower consultation visit or Bach Flower class?
    A: To learn more about Bach Flowers, visit Bach Centre Website online.