About Woven Pathways

"A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." - Prov 17:22

This Woven Pathways division of Elfenworks Productions LLC, "Beyond Film & Music" was founded to provide information and educational services, with a key focus on homeopathy and Bach Flower. Woven Pathways℠ services are meant to inform and educate. We also work towards the furtherance of the field of Classical Homeopathy in various ways, such as by supporting credentialing and research efforts.

*WOVEN PATHWAYS IS A 2018 SUMMIT CREATIVE AWARDS FINALIST LEVEL WINNER - HEALTH/MEDICINE WEBSITE CATEGORY *The Woven Pathways trade name / mark was selected with great care, and holds deep significance. We're honored to have received positive feedback on our efforts from the 2018 Summit Creative Awards in the Health and Medicine Website category. Now, about our name:

  • WOVEN - The first word of the name itself suggests the benefit of an integrative, interwoven approach to wellness, and evokes the spiritual side of wellness, in that our lives are interwoven and that we're assured that all things can work together for our good.
  • PATHWAYS – The second part of our name—pathways—hints at the path to wellness that can be found in homeopathy, a core offering, then goes deeper. We believe that, no matter what your journey, there's a reason you're on your particular path. What’s more, we're glad our paths have crossed. After all, we are all brothers and sisters on this pilgrim pathway.
We wish you every blessing in your quest for wellness.
Welcome to Woven Pathways!