Other Paths to Wellness

"The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." - Prov 12:18

At Woven Pathways, we take an holistic approach that embraces many aspects of wellness. We envision this page as a rich resource and are looking at what might be most useful to our community.

Breathing Easier

While we were wondering how one might possibly provide a breath of fresh air over the web, we thought about how wonderful it would be if we were able to offer the experience of a warm, aromatic cup of tea, the most widely consumed drink in the world after water. So, we gave it a go. Now, won't you join us in a cup of e-tea?

We also decided to delight you with delicious (well, as delicious as your imagination allows) e-chickensoup. May you enjoy it in the blessing of good health:

And in case you or a loved one are considering quitting smoking, here is some encouragement:

More Ideas?

We are looking at what resources might be useful to include here, from the varied media that we already have, at our disposal. We are also surveying friends and colleagues about what classes would be of the greatest interest to the most people in our area. Possibilities include: establishing a prayerful practice; spiritual discernment; jump starting the Christian spiritual life; walking a healer's path; and more in-depth query into the uses of the a spiritual assessment process called the "SHIP." Feel free to get in touch, to let us know your preference.