Homeopathy Education Services

"A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." - Prov 17:22

The services of Woven Pathways, a Wellness Division of Elfenworks Productions LLC, include lectures, outreach, media creation, and consultation (e.g., on messaging) so as to to foster the advancement and acceptance of homeopathy.

Lectures, Training & Outreach

Our Table at the Climate Reali Tea In order to foster a greater understanding of homeopathy, we may take a table at like-minded events. Pictured below are our founder Lauren Speeth with fellow homeopath and friend Isabelle Herbert, representing the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, at one such event. The presentation was on homeopathy and climate change, and we plan to offer it again at next year's climate event. See our online calendar for this and other class/presentation listings. Or, if you are interested in scheduling a presentation at your event, you can use our contact page to be in touch.

Fostering Understanding through Film

video render We have begun developing "explainer" videos - simple videos that can help explain to the public and to beginning students of homeopathy some of the discipline's key concepts, filling in the gaps where understanding is lacking. We're exploring working with like-minded homeopaths in this effort. Pictured, just for fun, is what it looks like when a video is being rendered (in this case, the video on resonance entitled Homeopathy Explained through Music). If you are interested in working together in this way, you can use our contact page to be in touch.

Working with Researchers

We would be interested in working collaboratively, in partnership, on research that would advance acceptance of the field. Our founder has a history of teaching graduate and undergraduate statistics courses that may be of benefit to a team when developing research question, selecting criteria and protocols, analyzing data, or writing up findings. If you are interested in working together in this way, you can use our contact page to be in touch.

Proctoring Practitioners

If you are a practitioner of homeopathy seeking certification through the Association for International Homeopathic Certification, you know that this involves two parts, the first being an exam that can be proctored at any exam site, and the second being a filmed, supervised intake by a qualified, approved proctor homeopath. We’re excited to offer proctoring in support of the AIHC’s goal of advancing Classical Homeopathy through their international standard for the certification of homeopathic practitioners. If you’re on track for certification with the AIHC and ready for this step, you can use our contact page to be in touch. We congratulate you for pursuing this course, and wish you blessings on your path towards becoming an internationally certified homeopath!


Have you found Woven Pathways on the web while searching for a practitioner for yourself or a loved one? Although we don't currently offer a Woven Pathways℠ referral service, we do offer guidance that can help you choose well. So, if you're looking for a homeopath, we suggest you check our Q&A section for tips on making a wise choice.