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"The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, and enduring restoration of health
by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.." - Hahnemann

It's been said that "safeguarding diversity in healing practices is as important to the health of our nation in the same way that safeguarding bio-diversity protects the health of our planet." Homeopathy has an important part to play. Do individuals have the right to seek forms of health care outside definitions and scope of conventional medicine, such as complementary and alternative practitioners (e.g., acupuncture, homeopathy, biofeedback) to enhance their own wellness? The point becomes moot, as trained, qualified practitioners and their remedies become unavailable.

You can help! Your support of homeopathic certification, credentialing organizations, humanitarian and health freedom efforts matters greatly. You can help the dedicated organizations that are working tirelessly to maintain robust practitioner standards, safeguard your health freedom, provide much-needed relief to those who are suffering, and bring you the latest studies on cutting edge questions. Note: This page is informational. A listing on this page should not be taken to imply affiliation with Woven Pathways LLC.

Certification and Research

  • AIHC - Association for International Homeopathic Certification Established to advance Classical Homeopathy by creating an international standard for the certification of homeopathic practitioners). A group of AIHC founding members is pictured here with Lauren Speeth, DMin, CCH, IHC, RSHom(NA), BFRP, of Woven Pathways.
  • With Founders of the Association for International Homeopathic Certification
  • HHA - Homeopathy for Health in Africa (relieving suffering, educating practitioners, and conducting research identifying the homeopathic remedies most successful in treating HIV/AIDS).
  • HomeopathyUSA - American Institute of Homeopathy Foundation (grants to projects that promise to move homeopathy closer to inclusion in the American Health care system).
  • HRI - Homeopathy Research Institute (dedicated to "carrying out research of such high quality that its findings are indisputable").
  • NASH - North American Society of Homeopaths Foundation (dedicated to "education, research and publications to support and enhance the profession").
  • NCH - National Center for Homeopathy (providing "education and builds awareness while advocating for access to homeopathy as a safe, effective and affordable system of medicine").
  • Global Humanitarians

  • With Homeopaths Without Borders, at the 2018 Joint American Homeopathy Convention.HWB - Homeopaths Without Borders, formed in 1996, has as its ultimate goal to foster independence in the use of homeopathic medicine. HWB has a projects around the world, including an effort in Haiti, where they have taught four sessions of a Fundamentals of Homeopathy course - including hands-on clinic - for medical professionals. As the twelve students completed the course and received certification and professional remedy kits, a representative from Haiti's Ministry of Health and the Haitian Medical Association were on hand to congratulate and encourage the graduates. Liz Breadon, PT CCH RSHom(NA), who is on the Board of Directors of Homeopaths Without Borders, is pictured here.

  • Health Freedom

    These groups work to enhance freedom of access - the right to practice and the availability of remedies - while combating disinformation and fighting for regulatory fairness, believing it's wrong to use the same regulations that apply to western medicine that uses material doses of chemical medicines when considering homeopathic substances at such extreme dilutions they are primarily energetic in nature. Bottom Line: Homeopathic treatment has value, and because it operates according to a different paradigm, the public will be best served by crafting regulations that is respectful of homeopathy.

  • With two Americans for Homeopathy Choice, at the 2018 Joint American Homeopathy Convention. Although working on policy issues is crucial, organizations that seek to influence policy cannot be considered nonprofits. Financial support to them is not considered a donation for tax purposes. Americans for Homeopathy Choice is an emerging health-freedom action group in the USA led by some true power-moms who are fighting for our freedom as consumers and practitioners). It was good to get to know two of the AHC founding members, (pictured here).
  • Another important champion is NHFA - National Health Freedom Action Group. With Jerri Johnson, at the 2018 Joint American Homeopathy Convention. It is one of the strongest health freedom action groups in the USA, fighting for our freedom as consumers and practitioners. Here pictured is Jerri Johnson, President, at the organization's table, at the 2018 Joint American Homeopathic Conference.

    Note: If tax-deductibility is a concern, check an organization's nonprofit status and consult with your accountant before simply assuming that any gift is tax deductible.